Nostalgia’s Map

shadow trees

Never Too Late?
Is it ever too late to respond to a weekly challenge?  Sometimes a  question keeps asking, keeps prompting one to respond.

Nostalgia—Let Me Count the Ways

Last week’s prompt revolved around nostalgia. It’s striking how many ways it can move one. If  one longs for a place, feeling it holds some kind of relief and happiness,  one may return or wish to return, but see no way.

There’s another variation. . .

“I Didn’t Leave the Place—
the Place Left Me”

Can one avoid nostalgia’s sense of loss by spending most of one’s life in one place?  Even then, one may someday feel “this isn’t the same place I used to know”.

How can one place  become another?

Nostalgia’s Map
There’s no map. . . when you’re looking for a time.



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