Juggling Blogs. How do You Organize Your Content?

I’m pausing here to think out loud, hoping someone may “overhear” and share some advice.  I’m thinking to split my blog into two.

Jack-of-all-trades or Specialized?

Assorted  approaches. How does one decide? What goes into thinking through and organizing one’s content?

The Plan (version one)

My original plan for marsowords was to post only words—mostly poetry, and some micro-writing or other short pieces, along with menu links to sites where I have experimental work, such as minimalist videos where “nothing happens”.

Responding to WordPress Culture

Meanwhile, I was getting acquainted with the WordPress culture and community, learning from each, and trying new things.

Posting my photographs in response to readers and Weekly Photo Challenges reunited me with my old companion-in-curiosity, photography.  This interest grew to the point that I now have more images than I know what to do with at marsowords.  I’d like to give them a space of their own.

The Plan (version two)

While I’ll still post photos here to accompany writings or in response to Daily Post prompts and challenges, my photos at the other site (to be announced) will be in response to serendipity and curiosity, wherever they lead.

A Studio

I envision a kind of art studio where I hang my experimental works in progress. Though I like that idea, I’m not eager to post in two places and split my time. I hope it goes well.

Will some of you share your comments about the thought and effort that go into how you setup your own blogs and organize your content?


2 thoughts on “Juggling Blogs. How do You Organize Your Content?

  1. I don’t blog…and therefore have no advice of that ilk.

    But I do want you to know that I LOVE your photos and would always welcome the chance to see more of them!



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