Curiosity Workout

Photo Active

When you want your body to get a workout, you might take a walk; you don’t simply watch a sports channel.
When you want your mind to get a workout, you might problem solve; you don’t just watch Jeopardy.

That’s the idea behind the workout metaphor attached to my Curio Photos category. I hope it’ll be a place I can work on my own “fitness” by being more “photo active”. . . and a place where others will do the same, sending pingbacks to their own photographic exercises. You can call it Fitness Photography or whatever you like.

What is fitness?

I’m referring here to mind, meaning cognitive, sensory, and emotional, and body which often follows the mind’s lead.  I’m referring to what I found by accident as I got more and more into exploratory, curiosity-based photographic exercises.  Seeing how it helped me, I want to keep it up, explore further and share.

I’m drawing up a variety-list of exercises.  For example, noticing how taking photographs can energize, I have these titles: 1) Don’t take a nap, take a snap 2) Skip the coffee, click the camera.


Oftentimes a photo workout is an energy-balancing practice—a concept that reminds me of my Tai Chi class.

Yet, even the best practice or habit may be hard to keep going by oneself.  That’s the value of having a workout partner, team or class.

My intention is to build a place, post-by-post, that actively engages me and others in curiosity-led exercises.

The Curio Photo Workout “no needs” list:

 no need to pay attention to goals; just pay attention
 no need to look for something; just look
 no need to name what you’re seeing; just see
 no need to name  what you’re doing; just do
 no need to wonder what’s next; just wonder
 no need to focus your camera; just focus
 no need to bring a camera, just bring your self




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