Layers of a window

After reading this week’s photo challenge “layers”, my mind went on an expedition of thought, evoked by this intriguingly-described word and its many implications.

Like many photo-challenge prompts, this one had a way of evoking conscious (and possibly subconscious) references as I responded to things around me.

It layered my perceptions, effecting how I saw things: an onion . . . a window.

layers. windows. memory.

I saw this wall of windows as an expression of layers:
a layer we call reflection, a layer that’s the glass itself, and a layer  we call “inside”.

. . . and before I could look away, a leafy tree top (which I could’ve cropped from the photo) seemed to say, “I, too, am a layer! . . . and so are you!”

This opened another layer of  thought—the overlapping realm of identity and memory.

The image above reminds me of how memories, like glass, can gently bend reflections, and how we remember our unscripted lives like an unnumbered storyboard.

We never recall it in the same sequence—we glance from one point to another, diverted by fleeting reflections, then noticing the glass, then peering inside, then remembering our self (the one remembering) and the cup of coffee in our hand!



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