Photographers: want to try a time-color-change sequence?

I’d like to try photographing a time-color-change sequence of the trees—it’s not to late to find the leaves  in their autumn transition.

It would be fun (and challenging) to eventually put together  a year-long time image sequence of a tree as it cycles through its seasonal changes.  I’ll start with a short-duration experiment beginning the following image:

After taking a series of shots for about a month—until most or all the leaves fall—I’ll post them  in a WordPress gallery.

If you complete and post a photographic sequence of your own, simply drop me a line with your link (with time-sequence in the subject line) so  I can post a pingback.

I wish I could add to this sequence with wintery snow-covered branches, but I don’t have snowy winters!  I’ll see what a rainy day looks like in the barren branches. I’ll wait for spring blossoms and summer’s full-green.  And I’ll wait for your images, yet unseen!



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