Ideas in process


Where do ideas  come from? 

Ideas that contribute to artistic works will come from various directions and countless experiences, thoughts and feelings; yet, patterns may tie them together. Connections may be subtle, ambiguous, complex or simple, in a way we may not initially realize.  For example, during one period of writing, I was quite surprised to find how often my poems related thematically to drought or rain. 

Where do ideas go? 

Ideas can disappear as unwritten inspirations, or remain as if they were never written—forgotten in notebooks, slips of paper or hard drives.

In my case, they may turn into poems.  Some reach completion, while others need time and attention—something I’m thinking about now during National Poetry Writing Month.

Words, image. 

I want to experiment posting poetry without a companion image because it will help me find which poems stand alone as they would in a book.  It will help me critique, sort and select poems for a collection.

It seems, however, that on the web, image is an important way of inviting a reader to read. It may be possible to post feature images that simply add some color and form, but how can I keep the image from becoming the poem?  We’ll see how it goes.

I tried the reverse a few years ago when I started an image-dedicated blog where I envisioned stand-alone photographs in a gallery of sorts—just art and wall. Blogs being what they are, however, I often included words!

I can’t say I know where I’m going—I’m more of an explorer than  a planner—but having a blog gives a sense of place where efforts find form and a sense of completion.


I have been reading your responses to both words and image since 2013. Thank you! Your support gives this process of exploring poetry and photography a friendly and “more real” dimension.

Please let me know your thoughts.  




Discussion of poetry during National Poetry Month.


Joining those writing a poem a day during NaPoWriMo. 






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