Answers Through the Looking Glass (poem in nursery rhyme style)


When a mirror reflects in a mirror,
does it see itself any clearer?

Reflecting on a search for answers.


Looking through layers, glass and light
one sees a pattern,  presumes it right.

In checking the answer, one finds a curve
and wonders how it may serve or swerve.

Checking again, there’s an outline revealed,
something in front and something concealed.

Hold it, move it, turn it around,
will it then mean that the answer is found?

Lift it, shift it, does it then mean
one alters the answer to change what is seen?




A poem in nursery rhyme style, written in response to a prompt described here


8 thoughts on “Answers Through the Looking Glass (poem in nursery rhyme style)

  1. Whimsical and powerful. Thoughtful and thought-provoking. I am fascinated by facets and mirrors. So glad I found your post, as it reminds me that I’ve forgotten to include images in my posts since I went through Blogging 101 and started doing the daily prompts! :)



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