Monuments to human ingenuity

A monument may be built to commemorate an outstanding event or achievement.
Sometimes an achievement is the monument.

A good monument gives one pause—leads one to reflect.

That’s how I feel about bridges.  They evoke in me a sense of awe while I’m traveling across or seeing one from a distance. They stir an emotional version of the question “how did they do that?”.  Each one seems a monument to the minds, determination and workmanship required.

Casting the words “monuments to ingenuity” into a search engine turned up many results, including this list (which I quote from below) of ten USA-based projects given the “Monument of the Millennium” award to honor “the civil engineering profession’s contribution to the quality of life and well-being of people and communities worldwide. . . [that] inspire generations of engineers to continually ‘get it done’ in the face of those who would say ‘it can’t be built.’”   Click here  for the complete list of ten.

One awardee

I’m happy to say I often have the pleasure to see the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, which was honored with the following words: “America’s engineers have selected San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as one of the greatest achievements of an entire century . . . This award honors the visionary men and women who designed and built this great innovative bridge.”


What are your favorites?

Please post the names of (and links to) any engineering projects, large and small, achieved anywhere, anytime, internationally that you think stand as monuments to human ingenuity!


This post is my response to the prompt “Monument“.



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