About Writing, Arranging, Sharing


After collecting a number of poems–around seventy–I sat down to put them into some kind of sequence.   I sat in the middle of the floor and arranged them around me like minutes of the hour, wondering how they would tick by one-by-one, wondering if they had a natural timeline, or if  they were best broken into thematic parcels.

Greater Good

Some poems had to be left out “for the greater good”. In the name of putting together a somehow cohesive collection, I wouldn’t necessarily find a place for some individual pieces.

Reading “Backwards”

Setting the collection sequentially onto a blog  beginning with page one, meant that when, for example, a reader  went to the latest post  and keeps reading from there, he or she will be reading in reverse sequence.


I could set it up as an ebook, but learned the hard way that formatting poetry, with its unique line breaks, is not quite a match for electronic readers that allow for resizing text and page.  Even so, I set up a sample collection.  It took me more than one hundred hours.


Publishing used to be the way to reach a wider audience.  Now there are other ways.  Some people have told me they’d prefer a book version.  If the blog generates a wide enough following, it could go that direction.   Meanwhile, I enjoy—even prefer—being able to rearrange and tweak a collection.  I like that readers can interact, comment, and share a single poem or the entire site.

What You Have Read

“A critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote.”  —MIGNON MCLAUGHLIN

I look forward to find out what you read.




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