marsowords is  about connecting. . . finding variation and resemblance, between words, images, ideas, and people.

A summary thought.

Aren’t we a life-long blend of so many things we cannot fully describe?

Isn’t every person, every home, a different micro-culture?

Communicating with anyone can be a sort of cross-cultural exchange.

A lifelong question—how to find the words. To understand and be understood.
To find understanding, even outside of words.



I post as marso, made of letters from both my first (Mary) and last names.


Words and images posted at marsowords, unless otherwise credited, are by me.

This blog began as a place for poetry, then grew to include images, which, unless otherwise noted, are not altered with digital software, except for cropping, grouping, some color and white balance adjustments and softening of minor distractions.

To catch what else I’m doing visually, you can also visit See Diving.

When? Why?

I have always been engaged in art, writing  and music. In pursuit of exploring possibilities, I began blogging experimentally to see where it may lead.  Your responses are welcomed feedback!!


I live in the Bay Area of California. I used to travel a lot, adapting to other cultures.  Now I rarely travel far from home.
Photography helps me enjoy what I most loved about traveling: feeling awake and aware , curious, open, unafraid.



To contact me, simply  e-mail  To help me spot your note, please include marso in the subject line.

For other ways to connect, look for links under this menu to  !Ask!  &  Twitter.

Copyright & Sharing notice

Even when simply sharing words or images from marso, please include a note of attribution to marsowords.

For other uses, please contact me via email (please add marso to subject line).



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