With car keys in hand, I hear
“Careful, take care,
keep your eyes on the road”.
Of course, dear, where else?
What could distract me
on this workaday route
I know all by heart
without giving a thought?

Yet, what I can do
but pull over and stop
to gaze and behold
the high, way above,
so unmapped and wild,
beyond GPS
or memory’s guidance,
roadless and wide.

A cloudscape surpassing
a mapmaker’s measure
of terrain ever-changing—
canyon and chasm,
badland and cape,
fiord and oasis,
so brief and so great.

I forget all my cares,
my car, road, and plans,
my sense of the ordinary
detoured by—oh!—wonder!
To pilot a plane!
But how would I then
pull aside, when astonished,
to pause as I do?

To pause.

Maybe it’s better
to steer my attention,
and notice what happens,
what appears, oft unnoticed,
each drive,
each flight,
and each everyday.



Poem 6: during National Poetry Writing Month.
Considering landscape.



Joining those writing a poem a day during NaPoWriMo. 





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