Phone Trapeze

A friend is calling
on a stand-still-day.
What can I say
when words feel out of reach?
I answer—
we chat—
finding words and assurance
like trapeze artists

who find each other’s hands.

– –

A telephone call
on a leaping-ledge day
from a listening friend—
when conversation’s
aerial pendulum
breaks in mid-sentence
into drawn-out laughter—

a spread of net beneath.



Response to a prompt that asks about time spent apart from a favorite person.


Please accept my apologies for ads that may at times appear on these pages. I haven’t paid the required fee to remove them.


2 thoughts on “Phone Trapeze

  1. I LIKE this picture and verse; it illustrates perfectly something that I feel…

    My take is this: I hate LONG telephone conversations…the accompanying picture is a representation of exactly what happens for me. Being a very terse, direct person, I don’t like that kind of verbal swinging. Face to face, directness, and few filler-words, are MUCH preferable to me. : )

    Liked by 1 person


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