Inspiration: planet Earth

While seeing the new close-up views of distant Pluto, I’m at the same time thinking of the amazing access we have to views of our planet Earth like never before.

If our home planet doesn’t inspire wonder, set aside news headlines and enjoy seeing another perspective.

That’s what I enjoy about  Earth View  from Google Earth.  Every time you open a new tab, up pops a satellite image of someplace on planet earth. You can try to guess where or what it is and feel the wonder. The variety of things you’ll see is endless.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself opening up too many tabs!!

Here’s some screen saves:


If you click on the right hand corner icon where the name of the place is written, you’ll be taken to Google Earth  where you can zoom in and out to see yet more! Example:

1-Fullscreen capture 862015 104659 PM blue

1-Fullscreen capture 862015 104943 PM


Do you know any other sites that offer unique views of our planet or other wonders?




3 thoughts on “Inspiration: planet Earth

  1. This is exactly so nice and interesting. I love to travel on Google earth like that… But yes, we know how it is seen from the space we know, I mean our planet, earth… so it really makes me excited when I see other photographs from the space, like other plantes and even moon too. Thank you, love, nia

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