Boring, dark, lonely

P2370846c planets

Not boring, just dark;

not lonely, just alone.

Written in response to the prompting
 three words in the title.   

I looked for a photo of a singular moon, a lone star or planet, but instead chose this recent photo of Venus and Jupiter, that offers a visual thought prompt regarding the concept of “alone” (as in each planet so alone, though appearing so near to one another).

The line “Not boring, just dark” may suggest how in these days of ubiquitous backlit screens, a dark screen could evoke a sense of “nothingness” or dead-battery boredom, when it in fact it’s “just dark”—something people were accustomed to and comfortable with (especially in the days before artificial lighting).



4 thoughts on “Boring, dark, lonely

    • That’s right. I like the practice of writing poetry much as I like the practice of photography—as a way to reconsider what one thinks has been already considered and seen. Thanks for spending some time here enjoying that process!



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