Knock-knock. Who’s there?


. . . the American Bushtit !

I can now refer to its common name.  Notice minimus in its Latin name: Psaltriparus minimus.  I just saw one a minute ago—it looked like an adult—and its body was no larger than my thumb!

I don’t know the age of this one in the window, but several of these little birds appeared quite new to flying. Maybe they were just being acrobatic (as they are known to be).

One website referred to their coloring as “drab”!  Why use such a word? They more than make up for their monochrome coloring with their colorful personalities and antics—like playful tree monkeys leaping from branch to branch and hanging upside down.

I hope to post a mosaic of some of my favorite shots one of these days.

. . . 

Thanks to Julie, for identifying the bird.  She is studying bird photography in the field—very interesting!  I’m usually so far away to capture a clear shot of a bird. Being so near, just inches away, these little acrobats made it easier, except for how they were nearly always in motion. There were also many challenges to shooting through glass.

What’s your experience with bird (or through-the-glass) photography?




4 thoughts on “Knock-knock. Who’s there?

    • Thanks, Sharon, I so like your photography—your eye (I’m also originally from the Midwest and credit that place with my way of seeing)! Have you read “Dakota: A Spiritual Geography”? (I’d like to read it again. It’s been many years)



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