Knock-knock Bird

Who is this just outside my window, about to knock?

Until I know its real name, see why (on my  video clip)  I call this a Knock-knock bird

It may help birders to know when and where this is: early April, Northern California, in a California Pepper tree.

Do you have any idea “who” this little 2-inch (5-centimeter) winger may be?  



7 thoughts on “Knock-knock Bird

  1. well it looks like a baby mockingbird and is attacking another male mirage in the window (mirror) but not sure. Mockingbirds are very territorial birds.


      • yeah I have them around here on my property. They are among the fiercest birds I’ve ever seen.


      • Yes! Mockingbirds turned my backyard cat into an indoor-window-watching cat!

        Those birds used to swoop down at people too! So . . . I hope they don’t “turn into” Mockingbirds!


      • well some people have to place something on a window in Spring because when the sun is at a certain angle, a window is a mirror to birds and they see themselves. hence, they attack. That’s why they call them bird brains. Good luck!



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