“Giants Orange”

. . . it’s an official color!

Giants Orange” is one of twenty-seven shades of orange (listed at Wikipedia). It’s named after the color orange used by the San Francisco Giants, an American professional baseball team based in San Francisco, California.San_Francisco_Giants_Cap_Insignia.svg


October 29, 2014,  the Giants played the Kansas City Royals in the final game of the World Series.

That’s the day I traveled from San Francisco to Sausalito by ferry with my sister and sons.


Returning at sunset, as the final innings of the game played on television in the ferry, we stood outside on the deck, betaken by the beauty of our San Francisco Bay crossing. 


It was a winning day for us . . . and the San Francisco Giants, who that night became the 2014 World Series champions!


Photo mosaic of the sunset return to San Francisco, aglow in Giants Orange in honor of their winning team.


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