Giant Synaptic Sculpture

Orange—the color of lights on this interactive art installation at the Embarcadero of San Francisco where it is on temporary display.  


I took these photos October 29th, 2014.  Its lights, which can be set to any color, were set to orange, as they were for the entire city  that night (see earlier post) to mark a special occasion—the San Francisco Giants baseball team was in the last game of the World Series—a game it (and we, who cheered for them) won.

Full disclosure: While I’m not a huge sports fan, the celebrative lights  that night were so beautiful, I just had to cheer!!!


You can read more about “Soma” the neuron-like “synaptic” sculpture, here by the artists and here by a Burning Man blogger.

Notice too, in the background above, another kinetic art installation called “Bay Lights” which is woven into the existing eastern span of the Bay Bridge.  It’s well shown and described in this New York Times video.


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