Orange by any other shade . . .

. . . is still orange?

“Orange Peel” is the name of this shade. Good name?

This week’s photo challenge has a lot of us looking anew  at the color orange.

Orange—what a range !

Does it surprise you that there’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to shades of orange?
(see list at bottom of post)

The captions on these photos (taken yesterday) are labeled with their shade.
It’s often a guess.
Sometimes it’s a blend.  

What color is this orange?

Like the recent puzzling internet question “what color is this dress“,  I  look at these photos and wonder.

Being one who enjoys words and language, I enjoy how shades of color can have so many names!

How do you  experience words, color and the “what’s orange” question?

What do you call this? “Tea Rose”? “Vermilion (Cinnabar)”? “Tomato”? Faded shades of its former shiny red?

cinnabar vermilion orange

Sunshine at play, gives many shades: “Burnt Orange”, “Bittersweet”, “Atomic Tangerine”. Who invents these names?

soft shade

“Bittersweet Shimmer”? Another playfully poetic name.

Is this metal a copper blend? Is its color a  blend of “Papaya Whip”, “Apricot”, “Alloy Orange” and “Brown”?

One more shade not listed on
Wikipedia’s list:
International Orange (it has
three shades of its own) used by
Aerospace, Engineering, and
the Golden Gate Bridge

I took this photograph March 2014.  All other photos in this post I snapped March 9-10, 2015.

Here’s the list of names on Wikipedia where you can
also see color samples of the following shades:

More random orange sightings: stone, bricks and tilejust in time for this mosaic:


Now that my mind is primed to detect its every shade, orange is busting out all over! a play on song title “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”. Here’s a screen capture from its performance in the musical “Carousel”coincidentally topical if you note all the orange in the costume design!

screen capture: "Carousel"If you’re still reading, amazing!  Then you are one who will probably most enjoy the following challenge.  Much like this one (where I had to spot orange), pick any one color, shape, texture, pattern or concept and see how this primes your mind for the following days or week. How is it to experience noticing things anew that you’ve missed before?  Let me know! I’ll write about it.




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