Power of suggestion


Look at an image by itself*,  then hear or read a word.  Does it change how you see, think of or feel the picture? How you think of or feel the word? 

Read a word by itself, then attach an image.  Does it change anything?


When a weekly photo challenge suggests a prompting word or concept, I notice how it alters the way I see my surroundings during that week.  The way I composed this shot, for example, was likely influenced by the prompt word contrasts.  If the word had been something else, would I have photographed this scene? Would I have even noticed it?


When you look at this picture, what examples of contrast  come to mind? **




Considering the power of suggestion, I can only hope that you surround yourself, as often as possible, with the kind of words and images that  brighten and enrich your day.      



*Do we ever really see an image  “by itself”?
What happens  in the mind when a word and image contrast?

**Here are a few contrasts I was able to name:  immovable, flexible . . . man made, nature made . . . fixed, growing.




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