Delicate wears lace of pollen-speckled petals.
It speaks with a voice that also listens.
It hears the pauses that address the heart and the rain yet to come,
the sun-seeking cloud and the cloud-seeking sun.
It offers relieving shade and dappled sunlight,
and knows which season is right for the moment.
It finds comfort in like company,
yet grows in any weather and endures the wind.
It barely notes its fallen petals, but sees its store of life to come—
pollen, seed, and roots holding strong.



Inspired by an image of fallen rose petals  posted in response to “Delicate“. . . and by  a telephone call with a longtime friend, Michele.



3 thoughts on “Delicate

    • Sometimes I write words to accompany the image, sometimes I look for an image to accompany the words. Both ways, it’s an interesting process, so I’m always curious to find out (and rarely do) which of the two (or both) evoke a response. So thank you for letting me know!



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