An “I Feel Pretty” Twist

This week’s writing challenge  suggests rewriting lyrics to the tune of a known song.

Do you know the song I Feel Pretty ?*  Try this variation (with a twist ending):


I feel grumpy, oh so grumpy,
I feel grumpy and frumpy and frayed,
Humpty Dumpty would not dare
to sit with me today!

I feel tired, oh so tired,
uninspired, how tired I feel!
And so grumpy
that I hardly can believe I’m real.

See that funny face in the mirror there.
Who can that unhappy one be?
Such a sullen face,
such a grumpy face
such a tired face,
such a tired me!

It’s amazing, just amazing
how I manage to manage at all!
While so grumpy, it’s no wonder
that I’m tired now!

It’s amazing, how I do it,
I must credit myself with a smile!
And reward me with a nap I haven’t had for awhile.

See that gentle face in the mirror there.
Take another look and be kind.
Kinder with the eyes,
kinder with the heart
kinder with the mind
kinder with the life!

I feel better,
oh so better,
it’s impressive how rested I feel!
I must say, it’s a pretty wonderful day!


* lyrics written to the melody “I Feel Pretty” (YouTube link posted above). Note:  like The Sound of Music‘s  “My Favorite Things” this song was sung by Julie Andrews.


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