A commuter’s lyric of favorite things

This week’s writing challenge  suggests rewriting lyrics to the tune of a known song.

Lyrics?  That happens to be one of my favorite things!*

Will anyone find  their inner hum (and smile) as they read  this?


Roads with no traffic jam,
green lights all waiting,
five minutes early,
no bad news or rating,

cool bottled water
from high mountain spring,
good to remember a favorite thing!

People who greet me
without any reason,
flowers that pop up
before they’re in season,

warm soapy showers
that get me to sing,
good to remember a favorite thing!

Driving back home with
the sun on my shoulder,
tired from work, but
not feeling much older,

car lights a-sparkling
like jewels on a string,
good to remember a favorite thing!

When the cars honk—
when the plan fails—
when I’m falling behind—
I simply remember a favorite thing
and then I can rest my mind!

* lyrics written to the melody “My Favorite Things” (YouTube link posted above)



10 thoughts on “A commuter’s lyric of favorite things

  1. Funny how I first thought I wouldn’t get which song it was, but then very quickly did. Don’t think I ever heard a song about traffic or commuting, this is so fun and clever, love it! If you are a devoted commuter also for real, you sure sound like a happy one!



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