Not the whole story

While this photo may tell a story, it seems to also ask “What led up to this?”  or “What happened next?” I will never know the whole story of this man I spotted at the end of a trail leading to a Pacific Ocean outlook.

Though a picture may tell a story (of a thousand words) . . . we only know part of it.


“Who knows? We shall see” is a phrase repeated in an old story (told countless ways) to illustrate how every event is part of a larger whole.  



2 thoughts on “Not the whole story

  1. I would say he expresses the enormous space and beauty he is part of; but that tells something about me; not about the man in the photo. Projection and identification might be the same; and you’re right; you can only guess what his story is.


  2. Yes, I agree—this man, like an artist, expressed an enormity of feeling that others there were experiencing, but couldn’t quite express.
    I like your points about projection and identification—important, true and so part of how we see or feel an image.



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