Limits and range of motion, physically and creatively

Bridging limits
How do you bridge your limitations?  That’s been the theme of my week.

I’ve been putting something off—sending my camera out for repair.  I couldn’t pick a time to be so limited!  

Meanwhile, other limits gave me perspective.

I am working with limits of motion in my right shoulder. Fortunately, along with a good physical therapy center and home exercises which require a new “lifestyle”of sorts, I can hope to recover my ROM (range of motion) which has restricted even how I hold my camera without pain.

Pain can cut into one’s sleep and daytime energy—both physical and mental. Sometimes even words seem to require too much effort. Surprisingly today, while I could barely carry a conversation, I wrote several short poems. Sometimes a poem comes easily, like a leaf floating by on water.

Well, the camera is gone now—I finally sent it out. Until it returns I’ll use my little backup camera and  limit myself to posting only photos taken with it.  This, I hope, will be a reminder of resourcefulness and flexibility.

As of now, that’s a brief “snapshot” of where I am—a little  backstory to whatever words and images I manage to post this week.

Thanks for your good wishes,

2 thoughts on “Limits and range of motion, physically and creatively

    • Thanks for mentioning that! That’s how it struck me too. Phythagoras-like beauty. I also selected this shot because it reminded me of the postural alignment—especially in the shoulders—that I’m pursuing in physical therapy!



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