Photographic responses to abandoned.  [click to see gallery above as slide show].


image -1-image -2-




How does the mind “see” abandoned ?

 Curious to find out how others perceive the last two car images?
Any possible explanation?


[update: Interesting to see the results so far!  I only wish I would see more explanations!  I am still wondering.]

Update #2 —Interpreting the poll results (March 20, 2014):
More viewers interpret the car in image 1 as looking more abandoned.

To me, the car in  image 2 looks more abandoned. While the car in image 1 seems (spatially) to have somewhere to go forward, the car in image 2  is facing the end—an edge, line, margin, “cliff”—off the road, with nowhere to move forward.

I can only speculate why some would choose image 1. The space ahead which one person could see as positive, could also feel void and lonely, like showing up at a party where no one walks up to greet you. We can’t always explain why something moves us one way or another. It’s so interesting!!  I hope someone  else will  try to describe their thinking or feeling that accompanies their choice.]


2 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. It is not a big difference; but the car in image1 has the space in front of him and therefore ‘a way to go’; In image 2 the car is beside the space and ‘off the road’, which for me is a bit more abandoned. See you, Marso.



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