What’s it all about, Selfie?


All week wondering how to interpret this week’s challenge: Selfie . . . 

Shall I photograph pages of a book? They would need to be in motion—a blur of portraits and poems, recipes and maps, to-do lists, sketches,  interviews with every person I ever met . . . all transcribed, a silence of mirrors,  blank pages reserved for future plans.

Pages moving so fast—how can they describe one’s Self  in the title? Motion pictures flipping by—no way or place to bookmark, caption, or edit—only to marvel at the waterfall-like motion and sparkles of light-encapsulated water droplets always in the air hovering over the falling, each one seeing itself in and of, yet apart and beyond.

The history of oneself all here and me, though already gone on without me. Look at the mist.  Nothing missed. All here in the flickering.


Note: image above is a reel of Super 8 film I just unraveled from a spool last night, after finding most of the images had disappeared!
Too badI was curious to see myself and others (in motion) back then!  So different from a photograph!
A reminder how film, video tape and audio tape are not forever. 

Link:  lyrics and song as sung in the closing of the 1966 film “Alfie” (in time for Valentine’s Day).


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