Responsorial – Introduction to a new series


 —a word  (adjective, as defined at Wiktionary):

1. Of or pertaining to a response (in all senses)
2. Responsive

—an art project 


MC and I select a single word (a noun or adjective, object or concept).
One of us posts a starting photograph that somehow responds to that word.
We then take turns posting visual responses to the same word and each added image.
Result: a mosaic of photographs connected by this process.

That’s when you can enter the process by looking at all the images, guessing possible words, and posting them as comments.

Later, I post the “mystery” word along with a “guess list”.  This participatory art project series may be published later in another format.

It’s an exercise, a puzzle—as much about thought as it is about word.


To the left: the starting image of the first responsorial panel of eight photographs bound together by visual elements and a word.  

When you study the entire panel of photos it will be challenging to find a “target” word they have in common.

It’s not about finding the “right” answer; it’s about exploring the complex relationship between word and image, mind and eye. It’s about finding connections between image and word.  It’s about exploring complexity and simplicity.

To see, think and guess,

click image on right:




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