Sky lines

 . . .

response to “juxtaposition”   



5 thoughts on “Sky lines

  1. Very nice. A real tongue in check photo. I only wish you had cropped the tree out of the bottom and a little sky from the top and made a panoramic of this. Hold your hands up to the image and see what you think.


    • Yes! I like the panoramic version!
      The tree top may be “interrupting” what’s above it; even so, there’s something about it I also like!
      I wish I had seen and posted your note earlier to start a conversation responding to your thought. Maybe I will to post a “this” or “that” page of the two options.


      • That should be interesting.
        I know personally that it is difficult for me to sometimes change an image that I have been working with and then say, “OK, that’s it.” Then someone makes a suggestion to change it. Good luck with this.



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