Pomegranate Day

I’ve heard and read many quotes that are variations on the saying that it takes a long time to become an overnight success.

I thought of that when someone wrote enthusiastically about my picture of a pomegranate where I mention spending an hour photographing it.

When my blogging friend at galeriaredelius asked to see more, I decided to post some of what I call “studies”.

Posting them here serves to remind us that it’s not just the one “great shot” a photographer is after, but the whole process, which starts by seeing with the question “what’s there?”

Kudos to artists of all kinds, scientists and everyday people who take another look, another and another, with a chance of seeing a little more, discovering, or somehow getting things a little closer to better each day (such as in the film “Groundhog Day”).




8 thoughts on “Pomegranate Day

  1. Thank you for posting some more of your pomegranate images. It is fun to see the various ways that you have addressed the use of light and distance from the lens to the objects. I’m particularly taken with those images that you have backlit the seeds and captured their subtle reflecting in the plate. It creates a connection between the seeds and the plate and a feeling of depth.



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