Juxtaposition of “Responses”

Alone or paired with another photo: a study in juxtaposition.

Juxtaposing can take many forms: words, images and points of view. This week a friend (from art school days) and I started a collaborative exercise juxtaposing our images in sets we call “Responses“. We take turns responding photographically to each other’s prior image. I will post the resulting sequence.

It’s an exercise in fork-in-the-road decision making. Each photographic response alters the other’s response and all that follows. There’s little chance to change your selection once the sequence has moved forward.

Here are some “clips” from project-related chats:

. . . it’s like so many choices we make—even if we could change one, what else could change as a result? . . . looking back at a “wrong” choice is a what-if scenario.

. . . we may later find something that would have been a better or “right” choice . . . but it’s too late.  Even if we could “correct” a decision  we would alter the sequence of events that have since followed.

. . .  finding connections visually, conceptually . . . it’s energizing . . . I’m enjoying this!

 . . .

response to “juxtaposition”   





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