First day of the year | What is time?

The notion of time.  So many ways to consider it!  It has moved and continues to move  through changing cultural and historical manifestations. It has been “organized” into increments  called  “periods”,  “years”, “seasons”, “months”,  on and on—divisions ever smaller.

What a shift when clocks went from having a lone hand designating the hour to a minute hand! Now we speak in terms of  fractions of a second—atomic splices of time.

I’m often inspired to write on the subject and would enjoy posting some pieces here.  Meanwhile, on this day we call the first day . . . of a year we call 2014, I’m posting the link to a Radio Lab podcast I heard today called “Unlocking the Secrets of Time”.

I hope that you enjoy it and that it prompts some interesting conversation and comments. Please let me know if it inspires you in some way!

Happy New Year!



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