Reminding Joy

Words and images from yesterday’s walk (mouse over photos for text or click to view enlarged 3-image sequence):

Response to “joy”
update: the first image was replaced by one from 12/31/13


8 thoughts on “Reminding Joy

  1. I enjoyed how you put images and words together here. Indeed, we should always look for joy on our radar, wherever we are. Keep circling like the birds, as if joy was our daily meal, a necessity to survive. Joyful wishes to you for the new year!


    • I appreciate your sensitive comment.
      And yes, too, your mention of seasons! What a confusion this year! Days that feel like spring, though it’s winter that usually brings rain and turns the hills green . . . while the drought keeps things looking like our dry summertime, and the trees nearly bare, some leaves still falling, look very autumn-like!



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