Community . . . on the road

Even if we reach a lookout far from the crowds, the  traffic . . .
even if we park our car and stand alone . . . there are twinkling reminders—
not in the stars that may not appear in the city-lit skies,
but in the red and white car lights of drivers in a flow of traffic or stuck—
wishing for a magic exit—a way to see it all from a distance.

The photo challenge titled “community” has merged into my “thinking lane” on the road this week.  It is a good exercise to see  
people who share the road or highway in the next lane or several cars ahead, as “neighbors”.

We’re not mere vehicular “travel luggage” with name-tags like Ford or Toyota or initials like GMC, BMW or VW that don’t reveal our true identity.

Names, faces or evidence of human life may seem as metaphysical a concept as “soul” when invisibly held inside moving cars, these manufactured metal “beings”.  

In traffic patterns that intertwine like a diverse moving DNA of humanity’s code, we accept this road-dependent life in our automobile,  an invention that has reshaped our communities and our individual lives.

Yes, we are community. Neighbors on the road together . . . 

. . . if  even for that one intersection or passing moment.


Response to “Community”.   




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