Searching change in words, arts, science

Recently  I’ve been looking into how words change over time.  I’m interested in linguistics and history—how each gives perspective on culture, change and where we are right now.

As an artist, I find a lot in common with scientists. The drive to explore and the patience to be alone with the unknown—no promise of reward.

When a scientific or medical journal is within reach, I enjoy browsing its pages.

Though science is considered more “real” than language and art,  it too changes. My favorite page from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  is the regular feature called “JAMA 100 Years Ago”.

It’s hard to read it online, but you can search the titles and get a glimpse.

Among the curious articles is one that discusses sugar as a food.  There is more than one article about the effects of watching motion pictures.

Have you found anything interesting that relates to the title of this post? I’d enjoy hearing about it!

The Daily Post’s topic of the day prompted me to write this up and post it.  You can go there to read other bloggers’ response to the same question: what are you searching for (on Google)?

5 thoughts on “Searching change in words, arts, science

  1. I, too, love anything science related…ANYTHING. For the last year or two I have been immersed in reading all I can find (albeit works that are written/intended for a person with my small realm of understanding) on quantum physics! I’ve really become a little fanatic on the subject—it is thrilling to me!



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