Responding to Beauty’s Prompt

Today’s prompt about beauty—my first-day’s draft:

Beauty’s Channel

Yes, in this world of unspeakable assaults on beauty, insults to our senses, there is beauty.
“Where is it? What channel is it on? Do I need cable? A satellite dish?”

It’s a channel you have to set up yourself. Watch—even broadcast—the airwaves are free.

Does it have an investigative reporter who finds hidden beauty and takes a picture? Does it have interviews with thoughtful, kind, forgiving people—infused with inner beauty? How is that pictured? The limits of media—lights, action, camera… words, music, image.

Beauty.  How can it be found or expressed?  What will remind us of its resilience in subtlety, deed, brave vulnerability and compassion?

Beauty? It’s not a fashion. It’s a way of life.
Beauty? It’s what you feel, whether you see it or not.

Where has it Been?

Beauty wears a flag of every leaf of every tree,
pollen of every flower and grain.

It lives in shell and seed, peel and pit, root and stem,
with its windows wide open to both sunshine and rain.

It sees the humanity in rush-hour traffic
and in a couple strolling hand-in-hand.

It is fearless—contradicting
notions of what it is, what it can

It challenges—in times of sorrow, loss and fatigue.
We stumble upon it, wondering—
where has it been?
Beauty asks “where have you been”?

Beauty knows the flicker that triggers a smile.
It sees not itself in tangling arguments,
but in contemplative questions.

Beauty knows chlorophyll and shadow,
cell in plant and animal, mineral in rock and in our bones,
the salt of sea and teardrop.

Beauty wears no watch,
but bears all time with acceptance.

Beauty is in the noticing heart and mind.


4 thoughts on “Responding to Beauty’s Prompt

    • One may write and shoot while in a different “state” . . . and later wonder “does that make sense (to someone else)”? So, it’s good to hear how it comes across to you. Thank you.



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