Seen that. . . really?

How do I love thee variations—let me count the ways.

Only two this time, but previously I posted a gallery of 12, 13 and 56 variations on the same subject matter: sago palms. Yesterday I posted three photos of its fronds arching.  Today the same fronds look flat—almost like woodcut images.

Finding an ever-new array of images from the same subject disproves the dismissive “been there, seen that, done that”.

Today’s prompt: repetition.

When using my camera, I rarely shoot in pursuit of getting it “right”, but in search of deeper seeing.  “Deep see diving”—a process of looking again and again.

Repetition has proved to me that nothing is repeated.

“Repetition” creates variations, whether in classical music, jazz, recipes, or favorite subjects captured with pen, pencil, brush or camera.

Here’s to tomorrow’s variation.  We may wake up at the same time, but it’s always a new day.

note: to view my variation on this post, see “Repetition’s Variation” at “See Diving“.


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