Time & Music: cultural-bridge-list set to poetry

Keeping time: a phrase I heard as a music student and practiced everyday.

Keeping time while paying attention to start, stop, repeat. 

It never occurred to me that I could actually keep time—it was just a thought that arose much later.  Nothing came of it.

It can’t be held or held back. Time, like music, keeps moving along bar-by-bar, in every variety of style (to name just a few):

folk, jazz, waltz, bossa-nova,
opus, nocturne, rock and sonata,
lullaby, blues, country and cha-cha,
visual, soul, sufi and samba,
avant-garde, zulu, tango and raga,
taarab, chant, ballet and polka,
gamelan, gospel, kabuki and opera.

Someday I want to expand the list, adding descriptive photo-images of each, and audio links, at least to some of the lesser-known styles (as I did to one, so far).

May time and music bridge cultures, and in time, bring some relief.

Written today as a spin-off response to the prompt: time.

Top image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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