Rx: pet your cat (and write your blog?)

We don’t need a prescription to motivate us to do things that make us feel better.  Or do we? Are there  beneficial activities we leave aside, maybe doubting the worthiness of time spent on something “merely” helpful to our self? Why? We don’t feel we have to explain our taking a walk for  health and relaxation, though who is that for?

How we categorize

People watch two hours of television without feeling a need to state the reasons, so why do people feel they have to explain their time spent on art, music, writing?

How we validate

A performance artist on stage or camera, is considered someone contributing to culture and quality of life.  One might consider being that generous next time, for example,  one posts online (on one’s tiny stage).

No expectation

It helps to post with no expectations. Like a songwriter’s new tune, even if it never reaches further than a few friends and family, a shared post is good in itself.  It can well up good feelings—a health benefit that requires no audience.

Variety is the healthy spice of life

Mayo Clinic has an online article  called “Fitness training: Elements of a well-rounded routine”. It lists aerobic, strength, core, balance, flexibility and stretching, the bodily portion of fitness.  It takes time and thought to also find mental, emotional and spiritual elements that complete one’s health and fitness way of life. Even the medical community, in research and practice, agrees it’s worth the effort.

Responsibilities and balance

With so many responsibilities, it’s a wonder one finds time for anything more in one’s routine, whether it’s lifting weights or posting online.  I unexpectedly found that the time spent preparing and posting words and image adds to a sense of balancing. Reading others’ posts and adding my own is a new way to find interesting, positive topics and images to talk about. It also offers a way to connect with myself—something only a good doctor or great friend would prescribe with all best wishes.

You can browse through many responses to the weekly writing prompt here at WordPress.

On a related note,  I’m waiting for time and energy before launching something I call Curiosity Workout. Comments are welcome! 



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