Memories and Mirrors

Part of today’s daily prompt: “think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal?”

Did you hear about the fellow who never looked into a mirror? He explained.  “I already looked. What’s left to see?”

One can’t avoid mirrors.  Simply go through a box of belongings where nearly anything can have the effect of a mirror.


What kind? Variations on a self

Memory’s mirror may  be of tinted, rose-colored glass, or of the carnival variety—that bends and contorts.  

It can be exhausting to look through so many “versions” of self  while rummaging through decades of lives lived (yes, I mean that in plural). It helps havingmeone along who can offer perspective and supportive alliance.

Reflecting on reflection

One may smile compassionately or be amazed, like a parent of a growing child. One may see an intriguing layering of images: one’s past and present, or aspirations that for one reason or another seem distant—maybe outgrown, maybe still viable and realizable in a new configuration.

Being noun and verb

Have you ever watched the side view mirror as someone drives?   The image is not constant, because the car is in motion. As long as one is in motion, being a verb, a blog post is only a flashing mirroring of us as we pass by.

A post, even an archive, can never fully mirror a life.   Who are we?  We are not nouns. We are verbs.  Likewise, memories and  mirrors are not static photographs. They change every time we look into them.

Variations on a car's side-view mirror in motion

Variations: a side-view mirror in motion

Smoke and Mirrors (
Cloud Mirrors (



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