What was I dwelling on that day? Why were my thoughts streaming into the same despairing well?

Just the day before I had picked a single yellow daffodil and left it in a slender blue glass vase at the table where I now sat so bleakly.

When I looked up, the sight of it startled me—how it, in its fragile singularity could so strongly contradict everything I was thinking.

It looked so out of place.

I burst out crying.

Stream of beauty

Beauty nudges at the sticks and stones
in one’s soulful creek.
It is spring runoff from a distant mountain.
It loosens that which tightens, narrows, blocks.

Shield of Beauty

Maybe if I look long enough at the sky,
the cloud, the rain in the distance,
the trembling rose, the road, the pebble,
My mind will be given a shield of beauty
between what is and what is.


Written in response to the daily prompt.

4 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Beauty by Marso

    Daffodil Stream of beauty Shield of Beauty ‘ This post is just ELEGANT… I so agree with its sentiments. I so “get it.” And what makes it so elegant is that it frames despair and hope in such beautiful language.


  2. I do so understand what you are saying as I have sat at that empty table as well. How can one feel both the beauty and the emptiness of life at the same time? Remember the times we have cried tears of sorrow which have turned into the tears of laughter after just one little turn of phrase? I believe there is a thin veil between these two emotions which can be unexpectedly lifted by a word, action or sight. You have captured it all so eloquently with your beautifully chosen words…



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