Thinking about “Out-of-Place” (several scenarios)

Thinking about anachronism as an “Out of Place” experience,

here are several scenarios:

1.   young bird lands in a duck pond—
it’s presumed a duckling, but an ugly one! It doesn’t look like a duck or quack like a duck–something must be wrong with it!

2.   bird lands in a duck pond—
it explains: “I’m not from here, and I’m not a duck, so . . . “ (”give me space to be different: vive la différence!”)

3.   bird lands in a pond of birds unlike itself—
it thinks, “what’s wrong with all these birds!”

4.   [likely the most common “time-travel” experience]: bird leaves its own birds-of-a-feather flock (for even a short time), then returns to find itself out-of-sync—
it thinks, “hey, how did everything (and everyone) change while I was gone?”

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