Leaves. Thoughts. Pressed.

Notebook entry: “Mind goes blank easily. It’s like the state one reaches in meditation. Yet, when it happens without any prepping, it can feel like something  whisked away, rather than like something achieved.”

leafless branches, highrise

. . . continued:

“Today I had several good-for-writing thoughts arise, but couldn’t write them down. In one case I was driving. Where is that thought now? I enjoy one that alights, soothes, humors or prods me.   Like a red or yellow leaf that floats toward me from an unseen tree, I wish to hold it and press it between the leaves of a favorite book, pressed further by a piling of more books.  There’s something beautiful about using the weight of book-bound leaves to press a tree’s unbound leaf into a fragile keepsake.”


—from a note written November 2012

This contemplation captures in part what led to the motivating drive to blog—a seed that would push through along with the crocuses in February this year.

It was the beginning of Beginnings“.

Passings and losses. Poetry. Friends and family asking to read what I was writing.

Then, photography.  Today, in my menu under ImagesI added two new categories and posted an explanation about each : Haiku Eye and Curio Photos.

Yes, one could say the blog is moving in a different direction, yet, like a garden that’s not fully planted, it’s still grounded in the same origin.

I’m still planting, still waiting to see what emerges season by season.


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