In Search of Place and Time: A-Z

Today’s Daily Prompt, titled  A-Z :
create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.”


A place for us, a place for us
Between the lines of latitude,
Castaway in longitude’s circle,
Destiny’s deep immeasurable clock

Edges that soften when we approach
Finality’s flat land far away,
Gently allowing present and past,
Hallowed by memory and love.

Indigo sea, aquamarine,
Jades, sapphires, whites and green
Kaleidoscope of endless clue
Limitless variations of few

Memories painted in cubist form
Nuance and nonsense, ever and none
Opening places we once called forever
Perchance to keep them unchanging

Quasi realities and points of view
Restless expectations that fade,
Shadowing a light we know is there
Trusting we’ll find it in time

Understanding it’s not to be
Vintage of seeded peace on Earth
We drink to what may follow next
Xylophone, drumbeat or untuned harp

Yesterday is  a song,
Zanzibar is a place,  but our map is written by time.


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6 thoughts on “In Search of Place and Time: A-Z

  1. Stunning – superb piece of poetry, I was mesmerised. I’ve found so many talented people by pursuing the pieces in this prompt and you are no exception. I really like how you have interwoven the longing of a far off place and the music that accompanies it. Also my favourite line is nuance and nonsense – no nonsense here, just engaging prose!



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