Home (seen from space)

Today’s prompt titled, “There’s No Place Like Home” has me remembering a drawing.

When my youngest son was nearly five-years old, the space shuttle Endeavour had recently taken its first flight.  About the same time, my family boarded another of our trans-Atlantic flights from one home (where we lived and worked) to our other home (where we had a house and extended family).

My son, sitting next to me, peering out the small window framing his face, said wistfully,  “You know why I love the Space Shuttle? Because from there I can see all my homes.”

The drawing above is one I sketched minutes ago, after a sadly unsuccessful search for the prized drawing it’s based on—the one my son drew a day later.

Ironically, recently, years later, our sons filmed the space shuttle Endeavour’s farewell flight over a place we have called home for many years.

Summer of 1993

My husband and I had explained that we wouldn’t be returning to our home abroad after that summer, but when this young son finally understood we were truly not going back—it hurt to see the look on his face.

I remembered the words he spoke while looking out the window of his “space shuttle”. They remind me of the capacity children have to love widely and broadly, whole-heartedly.

May we all endeavor to take a space-shuttle-point-of-view.



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