Reach *

The moon pulls, pulls and tugs
the tide to swell and sway.
Celestial body, though it is,
it never has its way.
The oceans wait in place
and moon remains in dreadful dearth,
dry and thirsty for a taste
of Heaven, it calls Earth.
It so revolves, as blue rotates
and answers to its call.
The waters rise, but never reach
before they once again fall.


*modified post, same title, previously appeared 2/12/2013. Part of the “Summer (Blog) Rerun” series.


3 thoughts on “Reach *

    • I attempted to reply here, but you said it so well. I don’t take for granted what you said and how you’re able to meet me there on the page.

      I’m interested in languages. It amazes me how they came to be. Some remain, some are lost. Nature’s language will always be here. . . may humankind’s ability to comprehend it never be lost.



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