A Bird in the Ear. . .

Oops, I mean a bird in the hand.  Never mind. But wait—wait until you try this—a link to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library where you can search their archive of more than 175,000 audio recordings covering 75 percent of the world’s bird species!

Please let me know if you try it and what you think!

Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears open for birds, because. . . what’s that other saying? A bird a day keeps the doctor away? Could be! I’ll still eat an apple, just in case.

mourning doves

Mourning doves that have been returning to my backyard for many years. They allowed me—what an honor—to approach and sit beside them for several photographs. I have never fed them.

Though I often snap photos of birds,  I don’t remember ever posting one, as it never fit into a theme or poem.  Solution?  Make birds—at last—the topic!

Birds—yes, to see them is a wonder, but to hear them too?   That definitely reaches my health and well-being center!

May a birdcall stir a song in your heart today!




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