Thinking about Nomadic

I’m thinking about today’s Daily Prompt “Rolling Stone” that asks: If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

wind & tide's ever-changing line

I have lived variations on a nomadic life.

Was it the life of a rolling stone or a tumble weed?  One responds to gravity, the other to wind.

Where was the planning, the decision-making?  And now what?

An initial life-changing move, even well planned, may serendipitously become  a nomadic life, quite unplanned.

Modern nomads may be used to thinking their life is a series of decisions, but aren’t authentic nomads mainly engaged in responding?  Responding  to circumstances, to availability of resources—water, most important of all?

Modern-day nomads also weigh availability of resources, such as perceived opportunity.

However, one’s reason to move on may not be as clear as that.  Sometimes one’s “nomadicity” becomes a way of life, or life style.  It can become one’s identity.  I move, therefore I am.

It can take some sorting out to know what and why one is living as one is.  Is it really a need for higher ground? Or just new ground?  A need for greener grass?  Or just attachment to the notion, hope for the possibility,  thrill of the pursuit?

How does one decide? Standing at the apparent, inevitable next step, after a string of events (having little to do with one’s decision-making), one calls it the decision.

What events can alter the equation? Things as momentous as war, and things as basic as one’s health.

And something else—one’s emerging way of seeing things.

Once a nomad, always a nomad?  People change.  Places change.  Opportunities come and go.  A nomad drops his bucket into a well going dry and rethinks his options.

Even home base changes.  After decades of  moving by choice or necessity, families and old friends end living far from one another.  What happens when you love people and places scattered far and wide?   It’s a dilemma if home is where your heart is, because then, even when you are at home you will also far from home.  

A nomad of the heart.



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