Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – a photo essay

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My attraction to the theme “fleeting” is apparent in the images I was drawn to during my photo safari in and around Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco. The beauty of the day itself reminded me of the impermanence of summer and intensified the sense I may never pass this way again. Have you ever had that feeling?

But this is photography. I’m in a garden. I can simply retake a shot, right? Some cameras can even tell you the day, hour and minute a photo was taken. But timing isn’t everything. There are variables like clouds, wind and rain.

A photo shoot is also affected by other elements of nature: the movement of people around you and the movement within (such as enthusiasm, openness, wellness, energy).

moving water and lights


Bay Lights Project -photo by Basil Soufi

Snapping away at splashing waterfalls and fountains, I marveled at photography’s stop-action rendering of movement suspended—a revelation how absolutely unique each moment is.

It reminds me of The Bay Lights Project, an art installation of 25,000 alternating pulses of LED lights programmed with an algorithm that assures there will no two configurations alike for the entire two-year run: video clip.
On left: photo by Basil Soufi

serendipity of synchrony in sightings

Isn’t our attention as fleeting as everything around us?

Will we notice the tree’s shadow that is reminiscent of the waterfall we saw earlier?


Reflections are another elusive subject. Yes, I could show up at the same time next day to recapture a shot, presuming that the same reflections will be there, but I found out the hard way that it’s not so easy to plant your feet in the exact same spot where you saw things a certain way.

You are not likely to find the same interplay of light, angle and the unexpected other. So in truth, there are no true “retakes”. This reminds me of portrait photography.


A person’s face is an amazing flickering of change that reminds me of all the examples above.

From one moment to next, one’s face will be reflecting what’s inside them—something that’s in constant motion, subtle or sweeping.



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