Blogging’s Incidental Art of Self-Portrait

Did every artist you can think of eventually do a self-portrait?   I imagine that at least once,  most said okay, let’s do this (not that they kept the result).

I was going to guess that Marcel Duchamp never did a self-portrait, but a Google search proved me wrong.  I figured his take on self-portrait would be as unique and understated as his conceptual art.  Here’s what he did (and the background story) as posted online by The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

Could blogging, in some sense, be considered an art form? Could it, by intention or not, amount to self-portrait?  How strict is one’s definition?


Open a box containing your belongings and assorted writings, including to-do lists. Could you say you have a portrait-in-a-box?

It’s not surprising that the first art form that comes to mind when I think of blogging is collage.

Aren’t all blogs like serialized collage?

Detail from Seurat's La Parade de Cirque (1889...


To continue this playful, analogous line of reasoning, one could also say that blogs resemble pointillism—each post like a point on the canvas  that takes on definition over time.

Portrait of Picasso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Some are like cubism, with postings of multiple, plural viewpoints on a subject.  Even when the subject isn’t self, it still infers one’s identity and its complexity.


Some blogs emerge as expressionist canvases; others as impressionist.


A personal blog will portray life experience, ideas, and eventually, some essence of the artist.

For even when one seems to say don’t look at me, look at what I’m posting, the hundreds of thousands of keystrokes can’t help but reveal something, at least a suggestion—at least in profile, at least in  silhouette.


2 thoughts on “Blogging’s Incidental Art of Self-Portrait

  1. I think your observation is quite valid.

    Some where, many years ago, I read that, We LIVE our lives as we ARE.

    For instance, we DRIVE as we are (I do…rather fast and DIRECTLY to my goal destination.) We EAT as we are (I do…fast and simply.) We DECORATE our homes as we are (I do…sparingly, rather blandly, and everything in order.) We WALK as we are (I do…fast, eyes straight ahead.)

    I could go on and on. But the point is: We LIVE as we are, ergo, we probably BLOG as we are.


    • You gave me something to pay attention to!! It’ll probably give me a LOT to contemplate!
      Thanks for expanding the discussion. That’s what I love about opening a conversation–you never know where it’s going to go! : )



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